About Us and Our Veggie Powder Supplement

番茄, 芹菜, 胡蘿蔔, 玉米, 甜菜, 西蘭花, 檸檬, 菠菜, 香菜, 甜椒

Healthy Alternative to V8
Healthy Alternative to Gatorade

For over 30 years we have blended five color vegetable formulas in small batches for private use.

The proprietary Take 5 colors Instant Vegetable Drink Mix© captures the nutritional and antioxidant variety of the produce section by combining all five plant antioxidant color groups: Lycopene, Beta-Carotene/Lutein (Carotenoids), Chlorophyll, Anthocyanins and Anthoxanthins. Link

Our veggie powder supplement was introduced at the Ironman Triathlon Championship in Hawaii in 1992 and from 1993 through 1998 was sold under the brand name Take 5®. Click Testimonials, Take 5® in Korea and Japan to learn more about our product, which is a Healthy Alternative to V8 and Healthy Alternative to Gatorade

For best results, after drinking either our veggie powder supplement or Five Color Longevity Health Smoothie© Link we recommend practicing the Paint the Rainbow Movement, an easy-to-learn Tai Chi move. Link (English), 链接 (Chinese), リンクはここをクリックしてください (Japanese)

The Take 5 Colors Instant Vegetable Drink Mix© is manufactured for private label custom order, and as a bulk food ingredient: Contact Info.